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project scope management

Project Scope Management can be defined as the set of processes or procedures that ensure a project’s scope is accurately defined and mapped. In other words we can say that defining the work that is required. For project manager, this knowledge area is very important and most of the times the project management institute focus on this concept. There are basically 3 processes of project scope management


The planning process is in which the project relating task is planned and the work that needs to be done is defined in this process.


The controlling and monitoring processes focus on keeping record or documenting tracking scope creep and approving or disapproving the change request depending upon the situations.


The final and the ending process in which the audit of project deliverables are performed and finalize the planned activities against the actual activities mentioned in the scope.

The scope statement

Scope is very important in every project. The scope must be defined and must be followed so that is can be within the company scope and not go beyond the scope defined.it is the responsibility of project manager to ensure that the scope of the project is performed within the scope decided and is not exceeding beyond the scope and also ensure that the deliverables are completed within the allotted time and budget  .

The scope documentation of the project will explain the inner boundaries and outer boundaries of the project and shows the responsibilities of each member of the team of the project. Set of procedures and processes that is completed will be verified and approved. This documentation is considered to be scope statement. Whatever you do in project. You need to first design the scope. There are about 6 processes in project scope management.

The processes are mentioned below

Plan Scope Management Process

This is the first process of scope management process. In this process scope management plan is created. It comes in the process of planning. The scope management plan will describe the scope of the project. This will cover how the scope will be properly defined, validated and controlled in this phase. The golden word in this process is HOW. A planning process that generates scope management plan. Various development approaches is followed depending upon the strategies that is used by the project manager of what approach he will use. The scope management plan will contain the following things

  • How project scope will be defined, developed, monitor and controlled
  • Scope management plan also contains work breakdown structure
  • Process on how to get approval and maintain scope baseline
  • Process on how to get formal acceptance

Collect Requirements Process

In this process, requirement collection of the project is initially started. Documenting stakeholder needs along with the project objectives. In this various tools and techniques are used for collecting requirements from stake holder. Here all the expectations of stake holders are managed in the form of document. This should be as comprehensive as possible

  • Functional and non-functional requirements
  • Business requirements
  • Requirements of stake holder

All the assumptions, constraints and dependencies will also be documented.

Define Scope Process

Making sure all that work that was decided is done.For large project, more effort, time and resources are required to gather requirements which are the important process in project scope management. Thus defining scope is very important. Scope definition also ensures that work is being done within the scope management plan. Usually gold platting is not a good idea. Here basically the requirements are turned into detail description of the product or service that the project is going to develop. The scope statement will include basically what’s in the scope and what’s out of the scope. This is very important because certain times there are some tasks that are performed outside the scope.as a result it will create harmful effects on the project going out of the scope. Whenever there is a change, it can affect the scope. So the change procedure must go through the project integration management .

Create WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Process

This is one of thimportant  process of project scope management. WBS stands for work breakdown structure and is one of the most important elements of scope management process. This process also comes in the phase of planning. Work break down structure is a project hub. This follows the concept of divide and rule. Basically, this provides the project manager the opportunity to break down high level work units into smaller units known to be work packages. In other words the big tasks are broken down into smaller chunks. Detail description of work break down structure is mentioned in    work break down structure diary. This is a very helpful tool

Validate Scope Process

The validate scope focuses mainly on the acceptance of customer. This is when the client or customer formally accepts all the deliverables of the project. In this process, the customer gives feedback after validating the project. If he is satisfied, he will give acceptance. He will check whether the deliverables match the documented scope or not.

Control Scope Process

triple constraint triangle

This comes in the process of monitoring and controlling. The control scope process involves monitoring the status of the report and manages all the changes in the scope. Must keep in mind triple constraint triangle. This basically prevents scope change request from over whelming the project and prevent unnecessarily change request that can disturb the flow of work of the project


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