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what is pmp(project management certification)

PMP stand for project management professional and it offered by PMI(project Management Institute) USA. It was established in 1959 . According to the statistical data there are about 833,025 project management professional in this world.PMP is considered to be the most important worldly-recognized certification for the project managers. The PMP certification indicates that the candidate is well aware of the education, experience and competency to lead and direct various types of projects.PMP is also considered to be one of the top certifications for the IT professionals.  PMP project managers have passed four-hour exams to verify their ability to direct multidisciplinary team towards the goal of the project. Survey was conducted by international firm regarding PMP and it was found that 80 percent of high performing projects were supervised by PMP certified project managers.PMP is totally based on knowledge ,skills and tools ad techniques. All the PMP certified managers are well aware of all project management knowledge areas along with the process groups.

Are Careers Available for those who have done PMP?

The period between 2010 and 2020, it has been predicted that the project management industry will grow by $6.61 trillion and will add 6.2 million jobs worldwide. This growth is mostly expected in the countries of India, china, Brazil, japan, England and the united states.some PMP certified managers are also management consultant for nonprofit and profit organization. Below chart mentioned describes in detail about PMP certified salaries.

What are Project management professional requisite?

So if you are thinking of becoming PMP. You need to keep following points in your minds before applying for the examination of PMP. The requirements are mentioned below

  • 4 years bachelor degree
  • 4500 hours of experience is required in the field of management such as leading and directing the project.
  • 35 hours of PMP certification training is required


  • Secondary degree (high school diploma associate’s degree or the global equivalent) with this you need 7500 hours leading and directing the projects.

The top reasons to get PMP certification

  • The first reason to get PMP certification is that it is globally acknowledged. If you want to work in international markets, then you should stop thinking too much and prepare yourself for the examination of PMP.
  • The PMP certified managers are getting highly salaries from the company they work in. on average, it is said that almost PMP certified professionals earns 17 percent more that non PMP certified.
  • After getting PMP certification, the certified member will get access to the international community. There9 are many forums and international community that attracts the PMP certified professionals
  • According to PMI pulse of profession study, Companies with more than 35 percent certified project managers are more successful than the companies without PMP certified professionals.
  • 80 percent of PMP certified members are most likely to enhance the success of the company.
  • Research shows that industry suggests hiring PMP certified professionals rather than non credential peers. During interview session at the time of recruitment, PMP certified professionals have high impact on the interviewer.

What is the exam pattern of PMP?

The exam pattern of PMP is that it consist about 200 multiple choice question. The exam duration is about 4 hours. Out of 200 questions, 25 questions are dummy questions. Only 175 are scored. The rest of the 25 are considering to be pre-test questions which do not add to score of the test. It is very difficult to determine which questions are experimental and which are not.PMI is not an open book exam. There are no breaks during the examination. If you plan to do break, it will be deducted from your 4 hours time. The below table shows the percentage of question that will be asked from each domain areas


Top Myths about PMP exam

  • In 2005, PMP published passing score and that was 61 %.PMP is a psychometric test, the passing score depends on the nature of questions you get . If the questions are easy, then the passing score will be higher but if the questions are difficult, the passing score can be lower. So It all depends upon the nature of exam


  • The weightage is not the same for all the questions. The difficult questions will have more weightage than the ones that are easy. The best way to determine the nature of question is by practicing a lot of sample questions.


FAQs regarding PMP ?

How long does it take to prepare for the exam?

It varies from person to person. Some people take 3 to 4 months in passing the PMP exams and there are some people who are preparing the exams for many years but have not yet passed the exams.

 How do I apply for the exam of PMP?

Please visit the link below to apply for PMP certification exam


 What is the validity period of PMP?

PMI PMP certification is valid for 1095 days which is about 3 years. But it can be renewed by acquiring the PDUS.one PDU is earned for one hour that is spent in structured, planned learning activity. Your PMP certification will only be renewed when you have total 60 PDUS within the three-year time period. If the user is unable to provide proof of 60 PDUS within the three-year period, his or her certification will be suspended for one year. If the candidate is unable to provide evidence during the suspension. He will then have to appear again for the PMP exams like other fresh applicants appear.

What is PMP certification fee?

If you are member of PMI. The exam testing fee will be $405(USD) but if you are not a member of PMI. In this case the exam testing fee will be $555(USD). The best option to choose from this phase is to become a PMI member because at first you examination fees will be reduced and you will have many other benefits such as attending various seminars international or local depending on symposium or seminar location. Moreover, you will get discount on various training on becoming member of PMP . The student member ship price is about $32(USD). The benefit of this is that you can download many books regarding management for free. Power up skills through webinar and events can also be attended. You will easily get access to the global community










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