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One of the best project management certification CAPMCAPM (certified associate in project management) is a project management certification offered by project management institute .PMI is the organization and CAPM is the certification.PMI conducts the examination.CAPM credentials are valid for 5 years. Among many project management certifications, CAPM is known to be entry level.This is considering being an entry level exam for project practitioners or the entry towards project management.

It is world recognized and demanded worldwide. For many of project management jobs, it is considered to be mandatory. This is intended to show the candidates understanding of the terminology, knowledge and effective process of project management. CAPM is recognized across the world.CAPM teaches the principles of managing projects. According to international survey, about 4, 00,000 project management vacancies would open up in the next few years. After getting CAPM certifications, projects can easily be managed.

What can be the top reasons to get CAPM certification?

Too early for PMP

At least 3 years of experience is required for PMP examination. So good thing about CAPM is that no experience is required for CAPM as it is considered to be the initial stage of.CAPM is a good choice at this career. This will also help you in the future at the time of preparation of PMP exams

A good step towards PMP certification

This will be a good step getting yourself preparing for the exams of PMP. The concepts are almost same of the PMP exams. So this will also guide you towards having the certification of PMP. You will know the basics and will easy attempt PMP.

Five years validity

One of the best features of this project management certification is that five years is the validity period. No issue of renewing the certificate or any sort of problem like this. After completing CAPM, the best and good step is the PMP.PMP requires 3 years of experience.

Build confidence in project management knowledge

It will enhance and boost your project management knowledge. The candidate will have sense of confidence on project management knowledge issues and can take effective decision at the time of need.

Looks good on CV

It will look good on CV. It will benefit a lot at the time of interview. Managers will like those who have completed their CAPM certifications. This is a step forward moving towards the project management field. It will show that the interviewer that the candidate is well aware of the project management knowledge areas along with techniques. Employers trust and believe on the CAPM credentials holder. And gave them many chances.Employers must be aware of all the project management certifications.

Show commitment to project management career

This shows that you are committed and ready to become project manager with full dedication and hard work.

Get a project manager role on smaller projects

With CAPM certification, chances of becoming project manager or project coordinator on small project increases. The organization will definitely give priority to those who are CAPM certified. So initially getting the chance of working on smaller project will increase your worth in the field of management

Get a job in project management

As this is considered to be project management certification, if you are qualified from the exams of CAPM, Most likely there are chances of getting a job in the field of project management. It will be a plus point for the candidates who are CAPM certified.

Distinguish yourself from other graduates

CAPM will distinguish you from the other graduates. As the competition is increasing day by day, CAPM will provide you many benefits on this factor. Most of the time during interview, the candidates are not well aware of the certifications. They concentrate on professional degree but with professional; degree if the candidate is CAPM qualified. This will bring a plus point and is mostly likely of being selected in the field of project management.

Global opportunities

As it is globally recognized certification. You will be able to work any place n the world and have opportunity to travel across the world and work in multinational firms. Even within the companies, the management provides opportunity to those employees who take interest in project management certifications and depending upon their interest.they can send the employees for foreign training.

Salary of CAPM

Project management jobs are considered to be the best jobs in the world and are considered to be the highest paid salary. The project managers can earn between 90.000 thousand dollars and 150.000 dollars annually.CAPM certified professionals average salaries is about 92 thousand dollars.The best way is to stay in touch with the project management certifications and keep up to date with the knowledge of project management.


About the Project Management Certifications CAPM exams

There are about 150 questions. The natures of questions are MCQS type. Out of 135 questions, only 135 questions are scored. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers.PMI grades student on each chapters and based on the grading they declare pass or fail. The grades are not disclosed to anyone instead a grade is given. The grading used is below proficient, proficient, moderately proficient in each of five process groups. The exam duration is for 3 hours. In order to pass the examination. Good knowledge is required for the Project management knowledge areas. The project management knowledge areas are mentioned below

–              Project Integration Management

–              Project Scope Management

–              Project Schedule Management

–              Project Cost Management

–              Project Quality Management

–              Project Resource Management

–              Project Communications Management

–              Project Risk Management

–              Project Procurement Management

–              Project Stakeholder Management


5 process groups are discussed in detail

–              Initiating

–              Planning

–              Executing

–              Monitoring and controlling

–              closing


What is the actual cost of CAPM exams?

Cost for PMI (Project Management Institute) members is 225 dollars.

Cost for non member of PMI (Project management Institute) is 300 dollars.

It is better to become PMI member .The benefit of it is that examination fees will be low as compare to the non members. You can visit the www.pmi.org for more information. If you are a student, the membership will be less.

What if candidate does not pass the exams?

If you fail to pass the exams in one attempt. You have two more attempts . Total there are three attempts in a year. If you fail at attempt three (the last attempt). Then the candidate will have to wait one year from the date that he has failed to the next 365 days. After that he can appear in the exam and give another try. The retake cost for PMI members is 150 dollars.Comparitviely with other project management certifications,CAPM price is low.


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