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Project schedule management is one of knowledge areas of PMBOK. This discipline deals with the time. It basically focuses on controlling the amount of time it takes to do work. In order to become a good project manager. You must have the skills in understanding the power of time. You should have the skills to understand the activities of the project, skills required to set a plan, schedule the plan and then control the plan. If the time is not managed can cause serious trouble for your simple terms you can say that project schedule management is scheduling the finish required deliverable on schedules

It has total 7 processes.

7 processes of Project schedule Management

  1. Plan schedule management
  2. Define activities
  3. Sequence activities
  4. Estimate activity resources
  5. Estimate activity duration
  6. Develop schedule
  7. Control schedule.

Plan schedule management

All the policies, procedures and documentation required for managing the project schedule is the first plan. The output of this plan is to product a schedule management plan. Many questions such as the tool or software that will be used, responsibility for using the application or software relating to the project. What strategy will be adapted to ensure that everyone stays on the same scenario regarding the project

Define activities

This identifies the project task. By taking help from the scope management activities. The work is break down into individual tasks. In other words, high level requirements are broken down to the deliverables. The deliverables are broken down in the form of work break down structures. Just focus on the time it will take to complete the individual task.

Sequence the activities

Once the activity has been defined, the activities must be placed in an order. Arrange the activities in the sequence occurring to the dates and time. When sequencing the activities, Inter-dependencies should be considered. The relationships between projects tasks are build in this phase along with placing the activities in the right order so that efficient use of the project resources can be achieved.PMBOK guides us to use networking diagram in this phase. There are about 4 types of relationships.

  1. Start to Start
  2. Start to Finish
  3. Finish to Finish
  4. Finish to Start


Start to Start

Such type of logical relationships in which successor activity can not start until or unless predecessor activity has started

Start to Finish

Such type of logical relationships in which successor activity cannot be finish or completed until or unless predecessor activity has started.

Finish to start

Such type of logical relationships in which successor activity can not start or begin until or unless predecessor activity has been finished,

Finish to finish

Such type of logical relationship in which successor activity cannot finish until or unlessĀ  predecessor activity has been finished.

Estimate activity resource

When you finally figured it out what you want to do .the next and the main important step is to find the right resource for the right activity. All the equipment, human resource and supplies that are required in this project are discussed in this phase. All the supply and demand is discussed in this phase. If additional source is required. It is provided and allocated. Need to know resource calendar and the estimated activity cost of the resource so that it can be calculated easily.This is very important part of project schedule management plan.

Estimate activity duration

In this step. Critical path of is identified in order to determine the duration of the project. The time duration of the activities is decided in this phase. Keep in mind the decided calendar on which holidays are decided. The task can finish early as well can be delayed. These factors must be kept in mind.

Develop schedule

This is the phase where the schedule is properly developed and is one of the important part of project schedule management . There are a good deals of software that are available in the market that assists in developing schedule such as Microsoft project. Gant chart, histogram or other charts are developed in order to visually monitor the milestones and activities. All the information gathered from the previous, schedule is developed. It should be developed in such a way that everybody in the team understands the project and their working. There are many methods that exist such as critical path method, critical chain, lags and lead, what If scenario, schedule compression, resource leveling and schedule network analysis

Control schedule

In this phase the schedule is properly controlled and monitored . The timings are ensured properly of the project. This is one of the difficult tasks to control the schedule because there are certain activities that can disturb the schedule . A good project manager will know the techniques and skills of controlling the project. Performance review techniques should be used in this phase. Techniques such as trend analysis, critical path method, critical chain method, earned value management can be used. It is the responsibility of project manager to verify the activities are being finished on the given time and scope.This is the last phase of projecschedulele management.


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