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Project management software  tools are very important. This is one of the factors that play an important role in the project success. Most of the times,  management tools are beneficial for project planning, time management, resource allocation and change management. Most of the tools plays important role of communication between the client and stake holder. Tools are use for the facilitation in the project. Document sharing is also used in management tools. Project management software helps the project manager in making right and effective decision.hence due to the enhanced process of these tools, the decision are accurate.



MS Project

A very effective project management tool that is being used in most of the companies such as Intel, Accenture, airbus group. The benefit of using this tool is that

  • Best use for real time communication
  • Improves collaboration between the users
  • Sharing of information is very easy using this tool
  • Easy integration with various software’s

There are two solutions one is the cloud based solution and other is the on-premise solution. Cloud based solution is about 7 to 55 dollar per month and cloud based solution is about 590 to 1160 dollars


SCORO is also project management tool which integrates all the features that are required in any software project management tool. It is being used in many organizations such as newton, Beamly, Grant Thornton

  • Easier time tracking and billing calculation for work
  • It works well with small and medium size teams
  • Contains detail report on project progress and relating financial reports

There are about 3 plans

1 – Plan plus ($22) per month

2- plan premium($33) per user/per month

3-plan ultimate ($55) per user/ per month


Freedcamp is also a management tool that provides task list, better status management, scheduling event by calendar, automated alerts in case if something goes wrong. It is used by many large companies such as American Red Cross and Make a wish. There are about 4 plans.

  • Free plan ($0)
  • Lite plan($4 to $5)
  • Business plan($7) per user/per month
  • Enterprise plan($15) per user/month


Podio is also a management tool that is best for social collaboration and task management. It’s one of its feature also includes that it is web and mobile compatibility and has unlimited storage and personal dashboards, provides data visualization . Various companies such as Deloitte, Volvo,Time Warner cable and Sony are being facilitated by using this software

1-free plan ($0)

2-basic plan ($9)

3-plus plan ($14)

4-premiun ($24)


Zoho is also considered to be management tool that makes your business projects more productive. It is famous for its report building features. It contains task list with multiple task and milestone. Features such as time tracking and time sheets is also available along with gant charts creating . It is also best for document and file management. Pricing is mentioned below. It is used by ultimate medical academy and cloud bakers

1-Essential HR ($1) per employee

2-professional ($2) per employee

3-premium ($3) per employee

4-enterprise ($5) per employee

Base camp

Base camp is a real time communication tool which helps the team to stay in contact on the same page. It has strong sharing system.features such as better management of multiple users, built in function for collaborating with team, reporting on project performance, email and desktop notification. Companies like groupons, john Hopkins University and first data are using this management tool. Generic plan is 99 dollars per month.


Jira is a project management tool that is mostly use for issue and bug tracking. It is derived from the Japanese word. Features such as create user stories and issues, easy distribute of tasks, advance reporting and centralize team communication are included. Companies such as IBM, snapdeal, wee work, Linkedin are the major clients of jira.

  • Cloud ($10 up to 10 users)
  • Cloud ($7 up to 11-100 users)
  • Self-hosted server ($10)
  • Self-hosted data center(12 k per year)


Trello is a web based project management application. It includes features such as creating unlimited task list, image and file sharing, deadline reminders, organizing lists by dates or priority and user-friendly drag and drop functionality. It is easy to use and is user-friendly. It uses HTTPS connection to secure your data Companies such as redhat, national geographic and kick starter are their major clients

  • Free plan ($0)
  • Business class($9.9) per user/month
  • Enterprise ($20.83) per user/month


Asana is a web and mobile project management application tool. It is design to track team performance. It is powerful to run entire of your business project. It includes feature such as provides tasks list and focus mode, notificaiotns for project updates, projects dashboards for quick overview, activity feed, review milestone and check team’s progress.companies such as uber,redbull,the newyork times and NASA are using it. It provides 3 plans

  • Free 0 $
  • Premium plan (9.99 $ per month)
  • Enterprise plan ( price by quote)


Wrike is online project management software which provides full control on project task. It is an award-winning software for online project management software tool. It helps in improving efficiency and speed of the software.It includes features such as simple task management on cardboard, creating unlimited task list, user-friendly drag and drop functionality, image and file sharing, deadline reminders, commenting and collaboration It provides excellent security measures as well. Companies such as l’oreal, Hawaiian airlines and fitbit are their major clients. This is considered to be one of the best project management software tools. Plan are mentioned below

  • Free ($0 up to 5 user)
  • Professional($9.80) per user/month
  • Business ($24.80)per user/month
  • Marketers($34.80) per user/month
  • Enterprise price by quote



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