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What is project integration management

Project integration management is one of the knowledge areas in PMBOK. The purpose is to ensure coordination between the activities of the project and integrate the processes. There are various phases in the project. In every phase coordination is very important. The project manager may have to schedule tasks, purchase various products relating to the project, make changes in the projects, address the risk, replace project team members and accomplish many other things in the project to ensure successful project completion. Project integration management involved all the 5 phases of the project.

 –         Initiating

 –         Planning

 –         Executing

 –         Monitoring and controlling

 –          Closing

These knowledge areas ensure the activities are running smoothly and the process in the activities re well integrated. It is considered to be the big picture

The process of project management integration involves 6 processes

–              Develop project charter

–              Develop Project management plan

–              Direct and manage project work

–              Monitor and control project work

–              Perform integrated change control

–              Closing project or phase

Develop a project charter


what is project charterIn the phase of initiation, project charter needs to be developed. The project charter is what gives the authority or the company to take initiate of the project. It is the starting point. The charter contains all the main roles and responsibilities of the project including the mission, vision, objectives and goal. As the project moves forward time by time, the document is then used for reference document. The project manager name is mentioned on the charter and allows the project manager to start the work regarding of the project answers to questions such as

What is the actually need of the project?

How it will meet organization objectives?

What are my project objectives?

Why I am doing this project?

In short summary, it is a short document that describes the project entirely. After developing the project charter, the next process is started

Develop project management plan

In the phase of planning, the process of defining, preparing, coordinating and integrating various processes in the project to work together for greater efficiency and productivity. The project charter is included in the project and is part of project integration management. The project plan because it is also a phase of planning. In project management plan objectives, budget, schedule, approaches to lead the project, who will be involved in the project and all these necessarily details are discussed in the project management plan. Components of project management plan are change management plan, process improvement plan, requirement management plan. The project management plan will include all these type of things.it has about 18 to 19 sub components.it is a formal document that defines how the project is managed, executed and controlled.

Direct and manage project work

One of the most important process in project integration management.This phase is the execution phase. It directs and manage the project execution. The project has been started and now all the deliverable s’ step by step are being produced. In this phase, the executions of the project are divided into three parts and are implement, manage and reporting based on status. The main part of this phase is that all the deliverable s are created.

Monitor and control project work

In this process, the work is being monitored and controlled. This includes overall controlling the rest of the project and processes. This is the output of performance which gives project performance report because it takes information from the rest of the process and then gives the output of the work performance. The main comparison we do in this phase is that we compared planed with the results. It also reports, tracks, reviews and report the progress to meet the required performance objective.

Perform integrated change control

In this process, all the change requests are reviewed, approved changes and managing all changes to the deliverable process organizations assets, project documents and project management plan perform integrated change control is started from project inception to project completion. All the approved and rejected request is discussed in this process as well. The concept of time for change is implemented in this phase because change request can come from anywhere. It can be customer, stakeholders or sponsors. Change management process flow is the main part in this process. Impact analysis by triple constraint is performed on checking the impact of the changing afterwards, it is then forwarded to change control board. This is responsible for integrating all the changing in the project. Accessing the impact of changes on the project to then make approval/rejection decisions on change .

 Close Project

This is considered to be the last process in the project management integration  When the project is completed. It is closed. This process involves reviewing various processes used to check whether the processes were successful or not. Everything must be in the form of written document for the record so that it can be used for future projects in case of any reference of decisions. Therefore, it is important to create lessons learn documents. This comes in the last phase of the process and that is officially  closing or handing over the customer the project















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