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Microsoft=project management software tool is one of the best management tool


Microsoft project is a famous project management software product that was developed and introduced by Microsoft. It was developed to assist project manager or the higher authority in assisting I developing a plan, assigning resource to tasks relating to the project, tracking progress of the project, managing the budget of the project and analyzing workloads of the company or project. It is the element of Microsoft office family but has never been in the office suites.

What can you do in Microsoft project management software tool ?

As mentioned before, it is developed to facilitate the project manager or the user in making critical path schedules. All the schedules can be resource leveled. The project status can be visualized by gant chart. Resource definition can be shared between the projects using a resource of shared pool. Each resource can have its own calendar according to its design or the work performed on specific dates. Cost calculation can also be performed time by time. Multiple tasks can be assigned to each resource depending upon the need of the requirement as per the plan.

Microsoft project creates budget based real time scenario of the costing relating to the project. The resource rate is also defined as per the project cost. As the resources are assigned to the task; Microsoft project calculates the cost equal to the work times the rate. Custom objects such as views, calendars, tables, fields and filters are stored in enterprise global database that is shared by all the users.

What are the features of Microsoft project management software ?

Planning and scheduling are very important phase any of the project. If the both are done properly, most likely the outcomes will be very good. The chances of the project being successful are more highly. It is like the backbone of the project either it can break the whole project or make the whole project. So everything depends upon this factor.Microsoft  Project management software tool helps you to prioritize your activities or work tasks so that you can concentrate on the task on which high priority was decided to perform.

Ms Project also provides the option of task management. The project manager defines the activities involved in the project and then allocates the duties to different members.MS project also provides the facility of team calendar. Team calendar will update the team members of their focus task or upcoming tasks in the future. So that the team can stay on the same page and concentrate on their work. The team members will get notifications for upcoming meetings or events.

The best part of Microsoft project management software tool  is the feature of project timeline. If you plan to present the project to state holder, partners, sponsors .you can easily show them from the project time line view. The viewers will be able to see the timeline view from the initial date till now. It will be like a chart which shows them all the activities.

Another feature of ms project management is the collaboration. One important Slogan is doing right things at the right time. So if you convey important message at the right time. It will be best for the project. Collaboration is very important in the project provide you the platform in which you can easily share information with each other in various ways such as file sharing, team dashboard, sharing client data

Microsoft project management software tool provides you the option of file sharing with other members of the project so that the project can move with the flow without interruption and the project members can be updated fully with the documentation. Microsoft project also provides the facility of dashboard. It offers the most important information statistic related to the project. You can actually add multiple charts, graphs presentation and other graphic materials. This will make your project work more organized and will be more user-friendly. The best usage of this is in the meetings. As it shows project key performance indicator


Reporting is another feature of tracking the progress of the project. It tells you the status of the project of how much it has been completed and how much the work remain Microsoft project software provides you the option of customizing the report according to the requirements Features such as summary of the project on one page, burn down reports, milestone achieved, list of pending tasks, goals that have been completed and the goals that are in the streamlines. You can also build custom report that addresses the need of your team. It depends on the user which type of report is required


Microsoft project  management software  tool allows you to work on multiple projects on the same platform. There are various projects going on the same company. So ms project allows the project manager to develop a master project plan. When working on various types of projects within the same company or similar projects This will be easy for the project manager.

Ms Project management software tool  also provides the features of different views. The view can be in the form of gant chart, a resource usage chart and much more. It allows the manager to view the project from difference perspective or angle.


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